Riju Dhakal

Riju Dhakal, Programme Officer –¬†Advocacy, Partnership & Capacity Strengthening

Riju Dhakal, currently based in Kathmandu, Nepal is a graduate of Public Health from the Central Department of Public Health, Institute of Medicine, Nepal, who has been actively engaging herself around public health issues and in the area of adolescent and young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Currently working with ARROW as the programme officer for advocacy, partnerships and capacity strengthening domain, she is actively engaged around regional and international advocacy mechanisms. Besides that, she has also been an active youth activist for the past four years in Nepal and has also represented the issues and young people in the region and international platforms. She is passionate about the use of Comprehensive Sexuality Education as a tool to promote the rights of young people, gender equality and establish better health conditions for them.

She loves travelling, grooving, doodling and hiking.