Fikile Maviya

South Africa
Fikile Maviya, Grants Assistant GL

Fikile Maviya is the Grants Assistant responsible for finance management and training of Grantees in the finance systems. She reviews the reports and provides feedback to Grantees and Management. Fikile, joined Gender Links in 2014 working in the Corporate Department and was later in 2015 moved to the GL Cottages to work as the GL Events Manager. In June 2020 due to COVID 19 affecting the Hospitality Industry she left the GL Cottages to join the Women’s Voice and Leadership Project team. Fikile is a holder of an administration diploma, events management diploma, CIS level 2 governance qualification, project management certificate with Norvatis and an SA Specialist certificate holder. Her experience includes finance, event management and logistics, governance, procurement, travel bookings, asset management, office management, contracts management. She has over 15 years’ experience working in different NGOs in the Finance and Administration departments.