Debrah Mukuku

South Africa / Zimbabwe
Debrah Mukuku, General Manager GL Sustainability Hub

Debrah Mukuku has over 20 years of working experience, integrating marketing expertise, customer service, banking and finance as well as relationship management. In 2013, Debrah Mukuku joined Gender Links in South Africa where again she was heading one of the Gender Links Services Income generating unit, the GL Cottages. The critical success factor for this unit is largely dependent on excellent relationship management, an attribute which comes as second nature to Debrah Mukuku. Over the 8 years between 2013 and current year, Debrah has delivered excellently within this GL Services, now Sustainability Unit of Gender Links. Her daily work involves amongst other things, general management oversight, dealing with partners, service providers and other civil society organisations, working together to keep Gender Links Social Entrepreneurship dream alive and thriving!